Girassol – Activation

Child Version                                                                                           Adult Version



Hunger, drugs and gang violence are commonplace for many children in São Paulo. Unfortunately, that often shapes their whole life; because who was born into the misery of the favela, hardly comes out on their own.
The project Girassol e. V. works in the middle of this social hotspot, creates real prospects for the future and gives childhood a chance. But so much commitment has its price: In addition to idealism there are also quite real numbers in the room, the ongoing maintenance costs, staff expenses, food, etc.
That‘s why Girassol is in need of donations. Every little donation counts - to make a striking point, Girassol uses the „painting by numbers“ principle: this well-known coloring mechanism is turned into a donation mechanism.
Two templates have been developed. One for children and one extra for adults, which is not divided into colors but donations.

Concept Development & Art Direction
Agency: Pink Carrots
Year: 2019

  • Client:Förderverein Girassol e.V
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